Donald Trump will eliminate climate action plan

Fact checking @realDonaldTrump: global warming is not a hoax. #GlobalWarning — Guardian Environment (@guardianeco) January 19, 2017After Donald Trump inauguration, he will eliminate climate change action plan. write thats Trump committed to eliminated policy which danger and not required. Reputedly, this is for increase worker salary.

"The climate change doesn't exist!" Donald Trump not alone about that, National Geographic Magazine ever wrote about it, in a edition title The War On Science.
Interesting @NatGeo magazine this month - "The War on Science" covering #evolution, #vaccines, — Sarah M. Schwarz (@archaeosarah) March 10, 2015
In introduction about thats magazine, write that in United States, percentage of dubious with climate change are bigger than other countries. They believes that climate change is a hoax for attack fre…

Assisted suicide or suffer when you are lonely

Lonely be not easy for many people. Like Ignatius Ryan Turmiwa, in he reported want to assisted suicide because feel lonely and have no work. Ryan, filed judicial review about assisted suicide legalization. He want euthanasia becomes legal.

The New York Review of Books, ever review similar case in 1997. In an article titled, "Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers’ Brief" tell many points:
Each individual have a control of their most intimate and personal choice, over their lifetime or manner of their death.This right given to a patient in the final phase of terminal illness. This right given to an individuals with mentally competent. In thats article tell about assisted suicide right with healthy border. But how with Ignatius Ryan? Are lonely not a terminal illness?😓

In Amazon book, you can find "Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection", written by John T. Cacioppo, an University of Chicago social neuroscientist and William Patrick. In …

Welcome Shinzo Abe, get out Tanaka Kakuei!

January, 15 1974. Smoke billowing, cars overturned. Mass uncontrolled, Jakarta atmosphere tense. At that time, Japan prime minister, Tanaka Kakuei, visit Indonesia. Students protest in the streets.They shout anti foreign capital.

43 years later, at the same date, January 15 2017. There is repeated, but so different. Japan prime minister, Shinzo Abe visit Indonesia. Elementary, junior and senior high school students deployed for welcomed Shinzo Abe visit. They lined up along the road.
Pelajar Kota Bogor Sambut Kedatangan Perdana Menteri Jepang — EdupostID Official (@edupostID) January 16, 2017 Shinzo Abe visit Indonesia bring some project for Joko Widodo, Indonesian President. Patiban port development, the masella block, Jakarta - Surabaya train. With the value of project more than US$ 3 billion. Japan also brought dozens of business representatives to see investment potention in Indonesia.

Somehow, Japan is a country with the most debt rank, dare to handle pr…

Why so serious with hoax?

Indonesian civil and government declare a war against hoax. They make an anti-hoax movement. In a way, Rocky Gerung, an University of Indonesia philosopher say that hoax is a good for democracy.
Hoax adalah mekanisme sibernetika politik. Bagus buat demokrasi. — Rocky Gerung (@rockygerung) January 2, 2017 Rocky also explain his tweets in Tempo newspaper at January, 6 2017. "Hoax was a confrontation against the monopoly of truth," Rocky Gerung is quoted from his article titled "Hoax and Democracy". Hoax means alternative from power is growing. Rocky judge hoax from deconstruction perspective.

In addition to those views, Goenawan Mohammad, a Tempo Magazine founder also commented about hoax.
"Hoax" itu dusta. Membelanya dgn kata2 keren sbg "bagus bagi demokrasi" itu akal-akalan.. Hitler menggunakan hoax utk menghapus demokrasi. — goenawan mohamad (@gm_gm) January 2, 2017 "'Hoax' is a lie. Defend with a cool words as 'good for de…