Assisted suicide or suffer when you are lonely

'The Lonely Monk', oil on canvas painting by Enoch Wood Perry, Jr
Lonely be not easy for many people. Like Ignatius Ryan Turmiwa, in he reported want to assisted suicide because feel lonely and have no work. Ryan, filed judicial review about assisted suicide legalization. He want euthanasia becomes legal.

The New York Review of Books, ever review similar case in 1997. In an article titled, "Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers’ Brief" tell many points:
  1. Each individual have a control of their most intimate and personal choice, over their lifetime or manner of their death.
  2. This right given to a patient in the final phase of terminal illness. 
  3. This right given to an individuals with mentally competent.
In thats article tell about assisted suicide right with healthy border. But how with Ignatius Ryan? Are lonely not a terminal illness?😓

In Amazon book, you can find "Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection", written by John T. Cacioppo, an University of Chicago social neuroscientist and William Patrick. In thats book show that, loneliness can be affected to our immune system, and demaging as obesity or smoking. So, will someday assisted suicide for loneliness becomes legal?   

Although lonely certainly so painful, in my beliefs no disease without bidder. I know sounds easy if not feel it, but i hope can offers a small outlook. In the Jhon T. Cacioppo back cover book, there are Gabrielle LeBlanc quote which strengthens my conviction. "For anyone plagued by feeling lonely, ... It may be reasurring to learn there is nothing wrong with you ..." Gabrielle is quoted.  


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