Donald Trump will eliminate climate action plan

After Donald Trump inauguration, he will eliminate climate change action plan. write thats Trump committed to eliminated policy which danger and not required. Reputedly, this is for increase worker salary.

"The climate change doesn't exist!" Donald Trump not alone about that, National Geographic Magazine ever wrote about it, in a edition title The War On Science.
In introduction about thats magazine, write that in United States, percentage of dubious with climate change are bigger than other countries. They believes that climate change is a hoax for attack free market. Although a lot of scientific research justify that climate change does exist. tell that senator James Inhofe declared global warming a hoax.

I love a sentence on pages, "For some people, the tribe is more important than the truth; for the best scientists, the truth is more important than the tribe." I think this sentence covering this case, and very clear. But, scientist does not quite have the expertise to advocate policies.


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