Welcome Shinzo Abe, get out Tanaka Kakuei!

Skoczylas Street demonstration
January, 15 1974. Smoke billowing, cars overturned. Mass uncontrolled, Jakarta atmosphere tense. At that time, Japan prime minister, Tanaka Kakuei, visit Indonesia. Students protest in the streets.They shout anti foreign capital.

43 years later, at the same date, January 15 2017. There is repeated, but so different. Japan prime minister, Shinzo Abe visit Indonesia. Elementary, junior and senior high school students deployed for welcomed Shinzo Abe visit. They lined up along the road.
Shinzo Abe visit Indonesia bring some project for Joko Widodo, Indonesian President. Patiban port development, the masella block, Jakarta - Surabaya train. With the value of project more than US$ 3 billion. Japan also brought dozens of business representatives to see investment potention in Indonesia.

Somehow, Japan is a country with the most debt rank, dare to handle projects and investment in other countries. Is the debt actually undermine or empower?

Grafik: Rasio Utang Dunia Terhadap Produk Domestik Bruto 2016 per Oktober 2016
Rasio Utang Dunia Terhadap Produk Domestik Bruto 2016 per Oktober 2016

In a book titled "Masa Lalu Uang & Masa Depan Dunia" which written by Lucifer, illustrates that debt so terrible.  For example, Mrs. A print 2 money. Mrs. A lending to Mr. B 1 money, lending to Mrs. C 1 money. Within the specified time, they must repay loans doubled. So, Mr. B must pay 2 money, and Mrs. C must pay 2 money. How could it be payed when the money supply only 2 money. Possibility, one of them can pay loans, or both be a slave of Mrs. A because they can't pay loans.

The illustration is so terrible, but there are many people say that no problem with loans when the risk measurable. Is the debt actually undermine or empower? 😕

In a way, Hariman Siregar say that government busyness for development be foreign for public. "And more than it, it has now impressed in the heart of people that economic development means land eviction, forced sale rice to the government, and an increasingly life in the village." Hariman Siregar is quoted as saying in airlambang.wordpress.com.
"Government often buzzed economic development in the form of inflation pressed, economic growth increased, ongoing industrial goods and services in the fantastic growth rapidity. But, if that result be skinned, the real is no more than the course of the capitalism economic system where a little part of public suck bigger part of public. This is not trump up, because not less from Dr. Hatta, an idea  conceptor of economic development in UUD '45 says so," Hariman Siregar is quoted as saying in Jakarta, Decembre, 31 1973.


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