Why so serious with hoax?

Indonesian civil and government declare a war against hoax. They make an anti-hoax movement. In a way, Rocky Gerung, an University of Indonesia philosopher say that hoax is a good for democracy.
Rocky also explain his tweets in Tempo newspaper at January, 6 2017. "Hoax was a confrontation against the monopoly of truth," Rocky Gerung is quoted from his article titled "Hoax and Democracy". Hoax means alternative from power is growing. Rocky judge hoax from deconstruction perspective.

In addition to those views, Goenawan Mohammad, a Tempo Magazine founder also commented about hoax.
"'Hoax' is a lie. Defend with a cool words as 'good for democracy' is subterfuge. Hitler use hoax for remove democracy." Goenawan Mohammad write at his time lines , @gm_gm.

Which perspective would you take? 😅

In May 1996, New York University physics professor, Alan Sokal write an articles titled "Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" and published  in Social Text, a cultural studies journal. Sokal argued that gravity was a fiction that society had agreed upon.

Surprisingly, in Lingua Franca, Sokal revealed that he write the article as a  parody. Then, its hit front page at the New York Times. Not strange that articles reaping a lot of response. Thats written by The Editor of Lingua Franca to describe a book titled "The Sokal Hoax: The Sham That Shook the Academy" in Amazon.com. Thats book, contain any response about Alan Sokal hoax article.

Shocking, how an article that had written as a parody can be published in Social Text journal? More interesting, why an professor make a hoax? How if Alan Sokal confronting against the monopoly of truth, its sounds great like Rocky Gerung said?

Amazingly, which Rocky Gerung said that hoax is a confrontation, really happen. "While my method was satirical, my motivation is utterly serious," professor Sokal wrote in Lingua Franca, and quoted in the New York Times in article titled "Postmodern Gravity Deconstructed, Slyly". Professor Sokal, confront about sloppy thing which denies the existence of objective realities. Science, Sokal argued needed to be liberated from its ideological blinders.

So, why so serious with hoax? When its a satirical method for confronting something? Unfortunately, hoax in Indonesia not use as a head to head confrontation tools. More often used for issue spinning. Worse, used to attract attention in order to visit the website which have ad studded. 😓


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